Easter Treasures

Celebrate Easter in style... Handcrafted in sterling silver, this collection features unique and intricately detailed pieces, including tortoise sculptures, warthog coffee spoons, grey partridge sculptures, guinea fowl sculptures, pangolin rolled sculptures, and the iconic Zozo Elephant Family as well as the handsome Lion Cufflinks.

Day 1: Follow Pumba as he embarks on his treasure hunt for the Tortoise Sculptures

Day 2: Follow Pumba through Mpata to discovering the Guinea Fowl Sculptures

Day 3: Conservation is at the heart of what we do, Pumba the Warthog discovers the Classic Pangolin Sculptures

Day 4: Follow Pumba on his treasure hunt for a piece that resembles his nature. The search for the Warthog Coffee Spoon.

Day 5: Pumba's treasure hunt takes him on a quest to finding the Grey Partridge Sculptures

Day 6: Follow Pumba on his second last day of treasure hunting as he finds the handsome Lion Cufflinks.

Day 7: On his final day of treasure hunting Pumba discovers a herd of elephant, better known as the ZoZo Family Elephant Sculptures